Join A Dynasty, Forge Your Legacy

Pledge your allegiance, earn bonuses from your chosen clan, and establish powerful alliances within your guild for supremacy in the Castle Siege.

Empower Your Assets

Mint, trade, or sell your in-game items as NFTs, all backed by the powerful ZEUS token. Take control and decide your game’s worth.

A Thriving Ecosystem

With diverse applications for both ZET and Zeus tokens, our buyback and burn mechanism ensures a flourishing and lasting in-game economy.

Rise & Reign: Play, Earn, Dominate

Craft Your Legend, Trade Your Triumphs

Experience Ultimate Gameplay

Explore the innovative ‘Free to play, Play and Earn’ system, with account tiers from Human to the majestic God, each offering its unique benefits.

Venture into the expansive metaverse of Perseus World. With over 32 countries to explore, and confront monstrous defenders, each offering experience, ZET drops, and items ready for trading.

Legionary NFT Collection

Legionary NFT is a collection that consists of 10,000 individual collectible pieces. Each one is uniquely numbered, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness. The art pieces are known as legionnaires, and each of them has its variations in terms of helmets, shields, weapons, and backgrounds.

The first 3 NFTs from the Legionary collection will guarantee access to the God account, the remaining NFTs will give their holders access to a Warrior-level account.

Our Journey Ahead

Phase 1

Kickoff with Marketing, followed by Beta & Public Beta testing.

Phase 2

Integration of NFTs, Boosted Marketing, and an Exclusive Pre-sale event.

Phase 3

The grand official launch, addition of thrilling events, and unveiling of new skins.

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